The power of the spoken word can cause wars, death, illness and  many other ailments. The worst is manipulation through suggestion  and yet most people do it every day and are not even aware that  they are doing it.

Here is a sequence of questions that might raise a few eyebrows!

If you think you will get a cold this winter like last  winter will you get one?

If you have a headache you head for the pain killers because you  think they will eliminate the pain.

If your mother had allergic reactions to cats you worry about if  your children will have the same conditions as you have them do  you voice your concerns?

How many times have you said I'll try this and see what happens?

Or have you said things like I'm going to do this?

The point is these are just a small amount that actually takes  place in the word phrases that you use on a daily basis.

What does all this mean.

Well very simply put if you think you will fail you will do and  if you think you will win you will do. The difference between the  two actions are only the words that you use. The energy that your  brain uses does not change. Your word instructions to your own brain  are what change.

Here is a simple example:

When you say that you cannot do something you feel strongly that  way so you do not do it. The same can be said for when you say that  you can do it. The sensation that you have and the feeling or knowing  is the same. Only the words that you choose are different!

In many instances even ailments are drawn from previous memory  associated events.

Like getting a cold every winter. If this occurs then you are obviously  conditioned to have a cold every winter by thinking that way.

What about saying no I will not have a cold this winter!

Worthwhile considering that every time you use words they impact  on what happens to you!

Even down to success in your life. If you only say try and not  do you will not do as well as you should because you stated try!

Try this little exercise: (Or will you do it!)

Close your eyes after reading this and watch what happens!

Close eyes and see a person picking up a large ball on a stage.

Now see a person trying to pick up a large ball on a stage.

As you will notice one requires effort and one does not.

The attempt is to become aware of what positive mental thought  expression is all about and be aware that you are what you think!


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