Positive mental attitude!

Some people say to me often “Why did it not work. I thought you said it would?”

True what we have said does but the problem arises from your own thoughts.

Attitude has an enormous bearing on what makes things work for you and what does not.

But it all stems from the collection of word commands you end up giving to yourself.

Like doubt for instance. Doubt is a combination of words which are your own thoughts that you are using. Like when you buy a lottery ticket you can think to yourself I will win this but right after you generate the thought words. which is done quickly and quietly “ I doubt it”!

And that’s all it takes to not win or be successful.

Remember the times when you did well really well and it felt really good. You had good thoughts and feelings about it and there were no doubting word thoughts afterwards. BINGO it happened just as you felt. Then you say to yourself “I knew it!”

Mental Attitude is created by a combination of words you use to create phrases.

Remember that your brain is the most complex and precise biological computer ever. You control it so it does what you tell it to do so take control of it and get to better understand how it works regarding word thought commands.


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