Attitude is vitally important in any successful business application! If self employed even more so!

I myself (DR Sherwood) have been self employed for over 20 years now and having traveled around the world dozens of times & I know the intricacies of mental attitude and what is required in order to succeed in what you are doing.

But what is even more important is that we have to keep on learning!

Arrogance for instance is not what should be used as it creates illusionary images of scenarios that in actuality are not occurring. This creates what we call fragmented sentence awareness. In other words the individual will only take certain parts of the conversation and twist it to suit their own arrogant attitude. This will create the wrong impression in accepting knowledge but also creates an arrogant approach in the way they pass on information. In many cases the individual will attempt many brazen acts of complete risk ventures thus ending up in many cases in failure in varying degrees!

The problem here is that the individual will rarely if ever see the error of their ways, nor will they accept being redirected into recognizing what the problem is and that it is they who have the wrong end of the stick.

Any comment you make will be turned around to suit what they believe and nothing will change that until they readies that they have the problem.

Subtle training can help but it has to be done very gradually one step at a time and without challenge of any kind.

Attitude determines how well a person does in anything they apply themselves to. The images that play in the mind remember are their own concoction. They only see what they want to see.

To think is to be!

The same opposite principle is used in people who are successful. Success is measured in our society today in many ways. In some cases it is how much cash you have while in others it is asset value. Then there are those that are the wealthiest people on the planet. They are the ones that know that knowledge and understanding and a realization that equality in many areas and an ability to help those in need are the most entrepreneurial of all!

To give is to receive!

These people are the ones who go out of their way to do things in many different and balanced ways. Not to ridicule but accept and move forward.

To love others is to first love yourself. Not a silly statement but one that carries both weight and power.

Attitude also dictates whether an individual is prepared to learn from those near or close to them or through other experiences. The problem arises then as to how to identify when it is time to learn and when it is time to teach!

There is nothing worse than those that gain a small amount of knowledge and think they know it all!

For to teach someone something they think they already know! Is to teach them nothing because they do not want to now! Their own arrogance again gives them a false illusion that they know all there is to know!

The smallest success is not necessarily the answer. To succeed is fine, but you have to recognize that there is always room for improvement!

If I had someone who came to me and wanted to learn something that I taught and they had a new approach it would be arrogant of me to think that I new what they new. Keep an open mind and you will always see the road that you travel along and you will also see those that throw rocks in your path in order to stop you traveling forward in your life.


If you do not understand that simple equation then here is the answer for you.

The man in the shack has knowledge and love for all things. He is contented and understands that when he dies he takes his knowledge and the feelings of love with him and they are with him forever!

The man in the mansion has cash and material wealth and he buys his way into happiness through his wealth. He needs it to give him security otherwise why have it. Happiness is after all a state of mind. He cannot take his mansion or his assets or his wealth with him when he dies he has to leave it all behind so he feels destitute and lost!

Life is a sequence of learning curves and events.

Which would you prefer.

I say both in balanced proportions.

Many think they have that balance and yet two thirds of the world starves while the wealthy get richer! That’s imbalance!

Think about it and see what is happening with the human attitude!

Your ability to sell is only as good as the flexibility of your attitude! And your ability to learn as you change and move from place to place!


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