Belief and Self-awareness.

Humans have always tried to understand themselves, mainly because they have always thought that there was more to life than mere existence.
One of the main problems facing us today is the direction in which we are heading. We find great difficulty in discovering where we are going and why we are going there. This poses a problem of such magnitude that we do not know where to begin. We always seem to need a reason for doing various things within our lives, yet when it comes to some states within ourselves, we do not even question what we are doing. this is because we are not having to concentrate on it in a physical manner. You may at present be accepting your life as it is, yet not be aware of what is actually happening either around or within yourself. When you identify the initial response which is associated with your thoughts, then you will begin to accept that you are capable of creative thought.

Many people come up to me every single day and ask, "Why do we find it difficult to create a positive state inside of ourselves?" This could become a larger problem if you let yourself remain in the uncreative state. The difference between the positive creative state and the negative creative state is that they are, in origin, one and the same. The only difference is the structured process that you create. Like saying, for instance: "No, I cannot do that." When you do this, you not only think it, but you will also feel while you are thinking it, that you cannot do it. This process is still a positive reaction; the only difference is the end result. If you say that you cannot then you will not, simply because your thoughts are saying so. The creative energy associated with that particular thought will provide you with exactly what you want. If you do the opposite you will obviously achieve something. Again, this will depend on the thought structure that you provide at the point of creativity.

Within the world today there are numerous people who have difficulty in creating a more harmonious existence for themselves. There are also people who do not feel satisfied with the responses they receive from other areas connected to personal well-being. This is becoming more predominant as we reach higher within ourselves.

Reality and the truth are always the hardest to attain, and when you recognize the true value of your thoughts, then! - then you will be in control of your life to its fullest extent.

Awareness is being aware of everything around you and not just taking things at a direct single aspect. As an example let us use an experiment and see how you react.


Take a small bottle and place it on a table in front of you. Then place other items to the left right top and bottom of the bottles position.

Know! Attempt to focus on the bottle and only the bottle without being aware of other things around it.

Did you find that the focus kept interfering with the peripheral vision items (those items not directly in front of you.) I bet they got in the way and also other items that your peripheral vision was playing with.

This tells you that your focusing abilities are prone to distraction!!

How do you correct it?


 Start by placing the bottle to the side and using your peripheral vision to focus on it and after a small amount of practice start to move the bottle from its peripheral location back to the central focus point ( IN front of you again!) You will be amazed at how your ability to focus has remarkably improved to such a point that it will change your life and the way you look at the world in general as well as yourself and also this will improve studies and memory as you are gaining control of a part of yourself that needs to be focused.

Good luck!



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