Success is measured in a variety of ways and one such way is by how much you work off Intuition. The trouble is many people do not know what Intuition is or how to identify it. This is a problem, for to not be able to use your intuition to help guide yourself through life's maze can mean you will become lost in the endless tide of information which flows and ebbs backwards and forwards as different situations fluctuate and change every day of your life.

How can you possibly hope to know which way to turn or which decision is right or wrong unless you have some sort of sensation that directs you as you travel through that maze called life?

Believe it or not it is not as difficult as you think! The first step is to understand that there are 2 energies that create sensations that you can respond to within the human form.

One is called Emotion the other Instinct!

Let's cover Emotion first as that is the one that most people get hung up about.



Your emotion is the physical bodies way of reacting to the sensations of events that you have experienced and to which you have the ability to react too. This means that if you hit your elbow and it hurts then the emotional response is for it to hurt again if you hit it in the same place again. Thus the memory for that area and the response is pain if struck!

When you are young this does not occur! In many instances a young new born does not know what pain is nor does it know how to react to pain or the events associated to pain. We as adults pass on our own emotional conditions to these new born humans by way of reacting ourselves to the event that has played itself out with the new born, such as if they fall. We react by saying things like "Oh! Did that hurt then " or the simple way we react can be experienced by the new born by sensing our apprehension to the event that just took place.

Innocence is exactly that! It is given emotional responses because you are told that that is the way you are supposed to react. And yet if at the point if impact you instead say "No Pain"! Then you will have no pain. This process is the same as saying "Ouch Pain!" Positive thought uses the same energy it is the words that change and only the words!


Intuition is the brains way of attempting to guide you in the correct direction. This again can take many forms such as a knowing that something will happen or premonition or simply feeling whether it is right or not. The strength will depend on whether you are aware of what is taking place or not.

Many self made millionaires will not move or make a decision unless it feels right. The feeling is in the head and appears as a knowing sensation. Some people say they rely on a gut feeling. That is emotion and not instinct. Don't get the two confused! The gut feeling is not instinct but a recollection of a memory event that worked last time you did it. The gut feeling will not occur if you have not experienced the event or any closely associated event in your life.

That is why there are many people who struggle through life and never find the happiness they seek. Some will even create a false illusion state that convinces them that they are secure when in reality they are not.

Consider this!

In 1988/89 30% of the population of the USA had investments in company stock on the stock exchange. When that market crashed the people with those investments lost a tremendous amount. The stress and suffering was enormous and yet!

In 1997/98 over 60% of the same population has enormous amounts of money tied up in the stock market, that is why the Dow is riding so high.

What would happen if the market plummeted again by 3,000+?

And don't think for one minute that it cannot happen. It is a fool that thinks that they are immune to disaster!

Before world war 2 the market crashed. Before the gulf war the market crashed. What makes those conditions occur. A large withdrawal of cash by someone who has a large investment that wants the cash for some other purpose.

The Asian market is declining and not without a very good reason. Do not ignore it as it will eventually lead to change, as for the type of change that remains to be debated if time permits!

Consider the above and maybe you can recognize what lies ahead. And remember this! Don't keep all of your eggs in one basket!

Emotion is the product of uncontrolled energy that can destroy unless it is kept well and truly under control by Instinct!

Instinct after all is self discipline!



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