Spiritual-Physical  balance and corporate business!!

Why many fail  while others prosper!

One of the main problems in corporate  collapse is the constant overreaching without first objectively looking  at the limitations of the company. The reason these limitations are  in place is due to the limited insight of the first person who set it  up!

Otherwise it would continue to prosper  to this day!

Enron is a perfect example of a corporation  being overconfident! In today's society you need to have a balance of  both intuitive insight and common logical sense and understanding that  any business no matter how large or small is only as good as the thoughts  of the individual in charge of it. If your thoughts have doubts then  those doubts will manifest themselves into eventual failures in numerous  areas and unless you know what you are looking for you will not find  them. Because you are mainly looking in the wrong place.

You think there is something wrong with  the way the company is operating and to an extent that is true! But!  If you dig a little deeper you will find that the person in charge will  have either lost the "KNOW" HOW" To make it work due  to their loss of thought self control.

To be too self assured is dangerous as  it leads to eventual meltdown!

We live in a society that constantly  changes and unless that company changes with it at the same time and  does not leave it to late then it will survive. If the one at the top  does not allow themselves to change with the times then they will limit  the things they in turn are associated with!

If a corporation is to grow it must be  able to adapt at a moments notice to the demands of the environment  in which it operates. If the one in charge is not adapting then they  are limiting the company from adapting due to their own limitations  which in turn will cause loss!

To allow these adaptations to take place  therefore younger blood is often searched for, for new ideas when in  actuality the present staff can do the job and would be more suited  as they have been and are there already they just need redirecting in  the proper manner and corporate bosses are not beyond being redirected  and learn to adapt and allow change!

Japan went through loss due to these  limited old ways of thinking and did not adapt in time!

Even now they still hang on to old ways  and that is why it is still not working properly they need to change  their philosophies of operation and get into the mode of thought control  in a more positive manner by ingesting knowledge of how to know the  direction in which to head!

Modernization is fine as long as it also involves  the ability to realize that you as a human being have the final say!  And it is not necessarily what you say but how you say it.

"I or we are going to do this"! Is wrong!

"I or we will do this"! Is right!

If words are power and they create change then you  seriously need to understand more on the power of the spoken word and  how it is used!

If you enter into a business deal and the words are  not correct or communication is not done correctly the entire meeting  will break down and fail all because the words were not chosen carefully  nor was the technique of the power of the spoken word correctly understood.  


To have success you must understand that your own individual thought energy can decimate a company especially if you are a CEO or owner.

It is a simple matter of watching the ebb and surge of the tidal forces that control the movement and action. Much like the ocean which does the same thing it maintains its balance through its ability to interact with what its internal structure is as well as the living organisms that exist within it.

So communication is vital internally!! At all levels throughout the system Top to bottom.

Remember that no one level of existence is better than the next harmony is created by an interaction of a sense of equal.


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