Memories are past associated events that have associated sensations and feelings attached to those prior events.

Want to know how to change them?

Want to know how to turn memories around so that they are no longer habits of a negative variety?

Well it is easy really. Just be aware of what you are thinking when you are thinking it. As we stated in the words section the words you choose are important but you cannot change a memory event until you are experiencing something of a similar nature that reminds you of that prior event. Then you change it to a positive one. Bit like changing a tire on your car. No point in changing it if it is not flat. But you must have a good one ready if and when it does go flat!

The point is you need to be aware and prepared to apply effort through application in order to change memory associated events. This application can change according to the memory in question but one constant will always remain the same and that is the words you need to use to change the pattern of the memory.

Now if the memory patterns are stored in the body in different areas then we should be able to affect them by recoding or repatterning them through an advanced application. This we have done to the point of affecting a persons speech control so they had to language pronunciation for 3 hours while the brain relocated the pattern memory which was faulty prior to the event. Upon completion the speech was perfect.

There are many instances which prove that the memory is in the body and not stored in the brain as certain faculties in this society claim.

They have no solid proof whereas we have!

So in order to learn how to operate the memory you also need to know about how the body DNA system works.

Memories can make us sick and cause any number of ailments.

This will be discussed in a future article in the articles section of this web site




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