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Harmonics of the Great Pyramids of Giza & their connection with the Sphinx & an earlier civilization!

Most researchers take what they have at face value and go with it. The problem with this is that those facts they adapt to present day thinking and they do not adapt it to a situation that was present many thousands of years ago. In the case of the Pyramids of Egypt this is more evident in the claim that the pyramids were built in the early Pharaonic period. And yet! Where is their evidence to prove that that is the case. They ridicule more exacting facts for their own beliefs and ignore what is more factual.

With the current facts now available we can see that the pyramid structures themselves are more than what many scholars originally believed. Why even modern Astronomers are beginning to find that their theories of the expanding universe is changing faster than they originally thought thus they have to change their parameters to match the facts.

Why not also the origins of structures such as the Pyramids.

Let's go with some amazing facts for starters.

1- The statue we have reported on in an associated page on this web site. (See Egypt new left!) As was stated it is carved from a corner casing stone from the Mycerinus pyramid. If that is the case and it is of Rameses the 2nd then that would have to mean that the casing stones themselves were not in place before 1 ad and not as was originally reported as to having been removed by the local population after the earthquake of the mid 1500's.

Also we must make note here that even a sheik of an earlier period was unable to make a dent in the inner casement of the Mycerinus Pyramid using thousands of slaves after a period of 6 months or more. That effort can still be seen on the north face of the pyramid above the entrance used today.

So! As we can see the timetable does not match the facts when it comes to the removing of the casing stones of the Mycerinus pyramid. Now! As for the Cheops pyramid we have observed that firstly sea salt was discovered in the queens chamber by others interested in the origins of the builders. The shaft necessary for this to take place exists but it exists 2/3 rds of the way up the side. That would mean that the structure would have had to be present during the last flood which according to evidence was around 10,560bc.

We realize of course that there are many tombs with hieroglyphics that depict the pyramid builders but you must also remember that there are simpler more basic pyramids that were built near the larger 3 pyramids of Gaza .( Cheops (Khufu), Chephren, Mycerinus.) We are only giving you the facts as they are. How you come to the answers is totally up to you but remember to weigh all the facts before jumping to conclusions. Many researchers are afraid to go it alone, they would rather agree with the majority rather than say Well that doesn't seem right!

Facts are facts and cannot be ignored. No matter when or how these structures were built there cannot be any argument that the local Egyptians are the direct descendants of those builders.

What we are endeavoring to prove is that their descendants go farther back into history than was originally perceived. We also know that the Sphinx was affected by erosion as Thutmose the 4th repaired the face of the Sphinx so that would mean that it had been either eroded or damaged before he came on the scene. Salt would do such a job. And remember that we stated above that the pyramid must have been exposed to sea salt for it to have had salt deposit inside the Queens chamber. That would mean that the Sphinx would have been completely immersed in salt water as it rests hundreds of feet below the base line of the Cheops Pyramid!

Even though John Anthony West and Robert Schok remarked that the cliffs around the Sphinx showed signs of erosion. If the area was inundated by the ocean Then wouldn't it also be feasible to remark that tidal surge could have caused the same damage. After all the same rock strata as that around the Sphinx can be found in Indonesia and the wearing is exactly the same as that at the Sphinx and it in (Indonesia) is caused by tidal surge (rise & fall of the tides!)

No one knows for sure how long the last flood lasted but one thing is for sure. It bears thinking about and further research would be necessary before any firm answers could be reached. But keep in mind that sea salt has been found in earlier times inside the queens chamber!!

2- Let's have a look at the geometric aspects alongside the Cheops Pyramids Harmonic facts and see where we end up!

Before we go into any details a little background info on magnetism is called for.

Our earth acts as a huge magnet. It's magnetic field covers the whole surface of the planet as well as all of it's inhabitants. Life on earth has evolved and developed entirely within the earth's magnetic field. Water, sunlight, soil nutrients are all elements that make life on earth possible, and they are as obvious as they are essential.

However, all that is essential, is not always apparent. Take oxygen, for instance. Without it we all die, yet it remains invisible to the naked eye. The earth's magnetic field is yet another vital, invisible element. It is an intricate part of our environment. Just how it influences our lives is a fascinating subject which is still being explored. Many studies show that our vital processes are linked to this field.

Our bodies exist in a 'sea' of magnetic fields from the earth, moon, sun and other galactic fields. The body is full of magnetic materials. Although, every atom of the body is a small magnetic 'dynamo' the fields exerted by the body are infinitesimal compared to those fields of the earth as an example which are 100,000 times stronger. Magnetic fields can pass through the body as if it were invisible. For instance, a magnet held on one side of your hand can easily move a compass needle on the other side of your hand. Unlike gravity, you don't have to leave earth to be away from it's influence. Researchers have discovered that modern buildings which rely heavily on iron & steel have a leeching effect on the earth's magnetic fields. Additionally, they have found that common electrical devices in our homes and
work places can emit electromagnetic fields which also disrupt or diminish the earth's natural magnetic fields. Even the pollution in our environment can intercept magnetic energy.

Just as we hesitate to count on all of the processed foods we eat to supply us with the sum total of all the nutrients we need, we can no longer count on the earth's extraordinary magnetic field to reach us with the quantity and quality of magnetic force our ancestors were accustomed to receiving.

There are many ways to enhance the magnetic field in your own living space both through the Ka-Lei
process mentioned elsewhere on this web site but also by understanding why and how the structures of ancient times were built and why they are aligned so perfectly to accommodate the earth's magnetic field. The structures like the pyramids are the perfect examples that can be used as an example to work with in helping to better understand what they really are and maybe even answer that age old question of "Who built them"?

In order to analyze these ancient structures we firstly had to discover the mathematical process that would decode the geometry and reveal for the first time the mechanics of their design and purpose.

Firstly we know that although bio-magnetism is a young science in our culture, there are historical references going back more than 3,500 years. Archeological studies and ancient literature reveal the role magnetism played in the health rituals of ancient Egyptians, Chinese and the indigenous Peoples of North America. They seem to have had a deeper understanding of the meaning and purpose behind how the magnetism of this planet played a major role in healing and other amazing feats. Obviously engineering was also an integral part of this ancient understanding. But the question still remains as to how and where did they come upon such advanced bio-magnetism mechanics to build a structure with such precision as the pyramids at Giza. We know that there are many pyramids in Egypt but none that compare with the pyramids at Giza.

Part two of this report is now available!

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