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Initiates Path

Initiates Path

  A Pictorial Guide  to the Ancient Initiates Path

This is a guided tour of an  Ancient Path used by the Ancient Priests of Egypt to Initiate their  selected young into the higher teachings of their secret order.  This Pathway must be carefully timed with the harmonic cycles of  the year in order to obtain the desired results. Therefore it is  imperative that the harmonic cycles should be fully understood before  entering into a pathway journey otherwise if your timing is not  correct then the desired response will not be obtained.

Each step of your journey will be one of excitement  and challenge as you face personal fears and the opening of your  mind to the greatest secrets of the ancients. Each temple has its  own path and can only be identified by someone who has studied the  priests mysteries of old. That is why Dr Sherwood who has studied  the ancient mysteries of Egypt for 30 years, and with his new recent  discovery in Egypt regarding the harmonic calendar ,leads these  new discovery tours to Egypt so that the general public can partake  in this exciting journey with the final destination being the ceremony  of the Initiate which is held in the Great Pyramid using harmonic  sounds to enhance the individuals perceptive and precognitive abilities,  thus preparing them for the next shift in human consciousness.

Here then for your enjoyment is a brief insight  into this remarkable journey that people can now enjoy. Booking  tours for the Initiates Path are available now!



After careful study we discovered that the pathway  ran South to North, thus the beginning was in Aswan.


First in the sequence is Philae which is dedicated  to Isis. Remembering Isis was not only the Prime Minister for Thoth-Hermes  but also the wife of Osiris. This is a very feminine place and has  an enticing peace and tranquillity to it. As can be seen from the  following sequence of photographs.

Lower Lake Nasser.

The fascinating story of relocating this site is  one of Human determination and realisation. Philae is now sitting  400 metres west of its original location although you would not  know it when you stroll through the arches and columns, across courtyards  and into the temple itself. However! Even with this great feat of  engineering one thing still remained. The spiritual energy of the  old sites original position still remained where the structure had  been moved from. In December 1992 while on a previous visit to the  site, I could not understand why the new location lacked the warmth  and love which should have been present with a temple of this type  and structure. It was not therefore until we stopped at the old  site on our way back to shore that I felt that some energy was still  in the ground where it was originally established many thousand  of years ago.

View of Philae from the boat crossing.

(In order to reach this temple you must brave the  boats. No problem really!)

While walking with other friends I kept hearing  the words "Help Me!" "Help Me!" I looked around  to try to find the source. There was a gusty breeze at about 15  to 20 knots blowing intermittently across the lake. After about  five minutes I suddenly realised what was happening. There were  small pods of seeds on bushes all over the island and when I approached  them the words became clearer. And I might add it was a woman's  soft melodious voice. Upon discovery I found myself calling some  of the others over and drew their attention to the fact that we  had to release the energy from the old site so that the spirit of  the temple could return to the new site 400 metres away. We all  took seeds from the bushes and cast them into the lake towards the  site. As soon as we did the wind dropped and all was still. No sounds!  Not even a bird or animal was either seen nor heard.


Philae Temple

When I returned to Philae Temple in April of 1994.  I stood in the main courtyard and felt the energy had returned,  no sooner did I think of this when the wind suddenly increase and  wafted past and around me for the next 5 minutes. There were other  people present on the other side of the courtyard and no wind was  present at their location. This was at night around 8 pm. All was  well.

General Information:

The temples date from the 4 Th century BC (xxxth  dynasty) to the 2 nd century BC The greater part of the buildings  were removed to the neighbouring island of Agilkia, since the construction  of the (The Lower dam) (built by the British in the early 20th Century  from 1902 & completely from the 1960's) threatened to submerge  them completely & with the help of UNESCO they were relocated.  The building of outstanding interest is the Temple of Isis with  its forecourt, first pylon (Huge carved figure of Ptolemaios II.  Philadelphos), Central court with birth house, and much more.

Philae surrounding area.

Philae's inner Pylon.

Philae. Another perspective.

Philae is the starting point for the Initiation  Pathway.

Your first key is to find the birth-house and the  shrinking doors leading into the inner sanctum of the main temple  in that order. To enter the main temple you must find the Left handed  Ank and follow the inner pathway from there.

Remember that all of the initiation temples fun  North-South.

It is interesting to note here that with the introduction  of Christianities influence all the Christian alters were placed  on the Eastern side running East-West.

North-South in ancient mythology symbolised the  universal flow (Positive). While the East-West symbolised the Earth  or physical flow (Negative or neutral).

(That is why the Sphinx is facing East and the entrance  of the physical flow (sun rising) to guard against physical invasion  of the records and its secrets.)

There are many different types of temples throughout  Egypt built at different times by different people for different  reasons. The Romans added to a number of them and one must try to  filter through there additions if one wants to see the originals.

Philae's Inner Sanctum.

Once you have explored Philae your journey along  the Nile will be pleasant and give you plenty of time for reflection.

Remember as long as you take care in what you eat  and drink you will be fine.

Cruising the Nile.

Next stop..... KOMOMBO This is not part of the Initiates  Path but is of interest. How about mummified crocodiles!!!!


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