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Temple at Komombo!

Report date 31st January 1997.

During our last visit to Egypt in November/December 1996, we had an invitation by the Egyptian Authorities to view the Statue recently uncovered by the South side of Mycerinus.

Report dated 15th May 1997

The recent report from Zahi Hawas's Office in Egypt is as follows:

Recent Discoveries at the pyramids'..

1. Tombs of the workmen.

2. Ramps and Tunnels found in front of the Valley Temple of Khafre.

3. Evidence of the Ramp that the Egyptians used to transport the stones to the Pyramid base.

4. The Tomb of Kay one of the most beautifully decorated Tombs.

5. Two pair statues of Rameses II found near the base of the third pyramid. (As reported above.)

Watch for further updates as they come to hand.

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