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The Initiates Path is the discovery by DR Sherwood of an ancient initiation pathway that the early Egyptian priests used which incorporated a sequence of temples that had to be visited and a secret pathway in each had to be found and followed. This had the effect of cleansing the energy of the individual and also raising internal emotions and events within that that individual had to face if they were to become one with themselves as well as in harmony with their own dynamic energy. This all had to be done before they entered the final phase by entering the Great pyramid of Cheops(Khufu). If they survived the trials and emotional as well as physical things that happened to them enroute then they would be introduced to the ancient secrets of humanity and be allowed to view secret doctrines. In this we rediscovered this ancient trail and adapted it to the 21st century  the water section is adapted as you can no longer swim in the sacred lake at Karnak. To this end we added the other ancient method of Ka-lei at the red sea to allow for this event. You can book tours with DR Sherwood to do this tour which now takes place once a year at a specific time. Check out the tours section of the Rajon web site for more details.

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So here we are in 2008 the start of something big and interesting!

There is loads of data to upload on what's to come so please be patient with us.

One thing that many do not know is that a secret fraternity have kept the secret at Giza quiet for many thousands of years and we are now at the point of revelation.

I suppose the question has to be asked is humanity ready for what can be revealed?

Here are some numbers to crunch for those in the know!

2008=167.33333 - 13.943333333

Oct/Nov/Dec cycle is : 9.25, 10.083333, 10.916666

The wall is finished so now comes the final phase.

Very shortly we shall be traveling to Egypt to investigate specific points of reference and other data that pertains to the Hall of Records!

If you want to join us on this special journey then drop us a email here!


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