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New exploration due by Zarlen in period Jan 09 Dec 09.

Details coming soon!


Saturday 4th October 2003

A new wall surrounding the Giza area is nearly complete. The story goes that it is to keep unwanted sellers etc out of the area. Meanwhile there are other rumours going around that there is about to start an excavation .

The entire area is ringed by the wall which is around 3 metres high the top 1 metre is razor wire while the other is solid concrete.

One can only wonder!

Wednesday 16th May 2001

DR Sherwood will be heading for Egypt on the 20th June for 7 days doing exploratory work and other research. Keep watching for the report on what was done upon his return! He is starting to organize the "Hall of Records" project so lots of interesting things ahead!

Monday 10/6/97

News has just come in regarding new explorations being done in the Queens chamber of the Cheops pyramid. We will endeavor to obtain more on this soon!

Monday 16th December 1996.

During the past few months there have been many stories running around with regards to many rumors about what is happening in Egypt? Who is doing what? Who has been fired and who has not? And many others too numerous to mention here. Firstly all the camels and horses as well as the sellers are no longer allowed on the Giza plateau area. Now you have to catch a bus over to the southern viewing area to obtain these.

After many hours of discussions with local authorities and others DR Sherwood has now gained permission to keep you lot up to date with what is going on and who is doing what!

Firstly let us say that there are no valued permits that have been issued to film any kind of documentary both with an Egyptian company and elsewhere that has been issued through the proper channels such as the Department of Antiquities.

The only permit is in the hands of DR Sherwood which has been issued so that a detailed filming project can be done to show all the new discoveries both in, around, under and over the Giza area as well as the Luxor area. This is planned to be an ongoing project so that this information cannot be covered up or misinterpreted.

This type of permit is not easy to obtain as it must be obtained by a large local company first. No one else has a permit to film a commercial film in Egypt that is legal.

Obviously there are some that are totally annoyed that their feathers have been ruffled but we do not intend to let those with an ego go and feed it at the expense of others who are doing the work in a proper scientific manner and with the support of the local authorities.

Second there are numerous new finds that cannot be discussed at the moment due to professional etiquette but will be revealed all in due course.

At present DR Sherwood is finalizing the filming projects and many other aspects so that con artists and others who would rip these off from the local Egyptians for self gain cannot enter and attempt what has always been attempted and the locals are left wondering! Not mentioning any names but if the shoe fits!!

Now that we have the basics laid down lets have a look at some facts!

At the moment there is a dig going on to the South of Mycerinus. All of you probably have heard about the statue there but there is something else that DR Sherwood helped them to identify. That information is located in a sealed section of this web site along with a record of the discovery of the Hall of Records main entrance.

Also new dig going on at Luxor with regards a new temple again will tell you what in due course. We just ask you to be patient and wait! Regarding the rumor that DR Zahi Hawass was fired! Someone has a marvelous imagination. Never happened!

Regarding the exploration of the shaft that has not been done and furthermore they do not intend doing anything with it in the near or distant future! Not surprising really when you look at the facts.

As for the tunnels well they are still there waiting patiently!

There have also been statements that some have been inside the chamber beneath the Sphinx. Forget it! The access is closed up and there is at present no access open to it. The only place is the hole at the rear of the Sphinx and we investigated it and found it is only 5 feet deep and about 6 feet across. Goes nowhere and has nothing inside it and that includes water!

It would seem that there are some people in the USA who have been reading too many comic books!

This update is to let you know that this project was completely messed up by false promises from a so called film outfit run in the USA by Sean Morton and co. To date we have not done this project due to their deceit.

(updated  January 19, 2002 but it is coming in the next few years!)

However we have not given up hope that someday in the future we can complete this project with some honest folk.


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