Things to watch for




ny time you do enter into a fraud the eventual outcome will be a request for you to send money via western union which is the obvious way to launder money.

Sometimes egold is used as well as money grams.

Destinations vary but are mainly Ukraine, Nigeria, Benin, Togo, and other west African countries.

Holland is also another destination.

Now we are also seeing scams coming from inside UK and other countries so basically if someone wants you to help them move large amounts of money it will most likely be a scam so stay away from it.

If money is transferred into your account and you do not know who it is from then call your bank and tell them about it.

In some cases scams involve asking you to collect money from their so called clients in your account and then either wire it via bank transfer to another bank in Thailand or elsewhere like Beirut or Paris, and in some cases Holland or UK. But most likely they prefer you to send it via western Union.

Also be aware that most scams regarding internet fraud are always in a hurry as they need you to clear the funds from your account asap as they know it will collapse if it stays there too long.

Watch out also for paypal scams regarding transfers from one paypal account to yours. Also ebay has its share of scammers. Always check the email address in the http address bar at the top of your web browser. Be careful here as some look real but are not. ebay emails always appear in your account section so if you get one in your normal email box go to ebay and check to see that you have the same email inside the ebay system first. If so then only reply via that internal system that way it stays inside their system. Same with banks only reply to email from within the internet banking system.

Also there are folks selling on ebay this is an obvious problem but you can filter them out by watching feedback before bidding and also feedback number as well. If in doubt don’t bid on it.

Power sellers are usually safe or those with feedback above 20 but still be cautious.

As for sellers on ebay be aware for there are scam buyers now out there who say they have paid when they have not and send fake paypal emails saying send first then monies released. I DON’T THINK SO!!!

The latest scam we have seen takes place in UK where the individual sends out an email asking for agents to work for them. Then when you give them your phone number they ring you up and tell you that one of their clients is sending you cash and you need to transfer it when it clears your account. They either will use a front company or use stolen cheques from a registered business and then when the money clears the account in 3 days THEY WILL pester you to send it on quickly within hours of it clearing then when it is sent they report the cheque as stolen or the company that the cheque has been stolen from reports it stolen within 3 - 5 days. This is a loop hole in the banking system in UK and needs to be addressed. If a cheque clears in 3 days the client can still cancel the cheque up to 5 days so that means there is a 2 day leeway gap that is used.

Be aware of these new type of scams in uk and elsewhere as we are sure you will see them pop up in other countries where there is a gap between cheque clearance time periods and cancellation periods. IF YOU ARE NOT SURE CHECK WITH YOUR LOCAL BANK BEFORE PROCEEDING!


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