Computer security

The need for security on any computer that accesses the internet is paramount these days.

Here are some easy steps you can do to make your system secure.

1. Make sure you have anti virus software loaded there are some good ones out there, we recommend AVG it has a free edition for home users that is enough to do the job.

Make sure when its loaded that it is set to auto update.

2. Then you will need spybot which is essential to stop spyware. There are again many different types out there but we recommend Spybot search and destroy and remember to update regularly as there are always weekly updates.

3. Make sure there is a firewall activated on your system as that way it stops illegal access and again there are software packs that have this. If you use windows make sure it is active.

4. Wireless networking. This is always an issue and the amount of wireless systems that we come across that are insecure is astounding.

Make sure if you are operating a wireless network that it has a firewall to start with and also make sure the file and other sharing settings are for internal only.

Avg will warn you of any suspicious email attachments and will tell you not to open them.

These are just a few handy tips to follow from drjohn.


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