Fake websites

There are numerous fake web sites and even though they look good nine times out of ten they are frauds. mainly they work on 5 or 10% agents fee and you have to send the rest via western union or another form of transfer in some cases to another bank somewhere that is not the same name as the business in question.

Here are a few sites to watch out for. This list is updated regularly as we get reports in.



THEY WANT RECRUITS TO GIVE OUT TOO MANY PERSONAL DETAILS AND THEN ACCEPT MONEY VIA PAYPAL OR BANK AND THEN SEND VIA WESTERN UNION. (Website looks good but the registration is new and only goes for one year does not match claim at bottom of homepage nor other data. )


Antiquitaeten-Schwaighofer GmbH or http://antiquitaeten-schwaighofer.com (Warning this also now has an active virus on the first page if you load then make sure you send it to the vault.)


Other things to watch for are hyip scam websites and there are loads of those! Some look great but in reality are a combination of copied pages and images from other websites.

Any links that are broken means the site has been cut. But still watch out for duplicate web sites of the same nature.


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