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For those of you who are unaware what Area 51 is about it involves a secret  military installation that up until 1999 was situated in the nevada desert  and was involved in secret alien as well as development of technology of an  alien nature captured by means of crashed craft or other means.

Other bases are situated all over the planet both in England, New Zealand  (South Island) Australia (Pine Gap) and now a new base in the desert of South  Australia connected to Pine Gap by Tunnell.

This section will search out any information connected to this new base  in Australia and also its purpose.

Note: If you have photographs or other data on this subject of area 51  or pine gap or the new facility in Australia linked to pine gap to the south  then you can email us at Information




Pine Gap

New Zealand (Omega site) (South Island of New Zealand!)Coming soon!


Area 51(groom lake facility)..relocated

Cheyenne Mountain


Porton Down Bacteriological research center!

Menwith Hill, Harrowgate( Listening Station etc  USA base in UK)

Bletchley (Secret Base in UK)

Rudloe Manor ( UK version of Area 51)

Artificial Gravity project

Area 51 projects

CIA & MI5 Giza Project-Egypt...Coming soon!!!


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