Over the years there have been many stories regarding Maralinga  and Pine Gap. Mainly about Pine Gap.

No one really wants to get involved with maralinga due to  the British nuclear tests done there and the stories and reports that have  circulated over the years regarding radiation residule traces that have been  claimed to exist in the region.

Would make a good cover for someone like the US to get under  don't ya think!!

What would you say if we told you about the hidden base that  is there and the sidings that are along the Trans Indian Pacific railway line  that runs across the desert.

Or about the strange sightings that have occurred in the region  or the US Military trucks that have been seen. Or maybe you would believe  photographs of a road that runs for some 45 kilometres from a dirt road leading  from the railroad mentioned above and ends up at a military site that has  US guards on the main gate and the 2 towers on either side of that same gate.

Oh! And there is more including video footage as well as still  photographs and sketches that are available. Like the wooden box that was  found on the dirt road with a nuclear symbol on its side and US markings as  well. Australia is supposed to be nuclear free and yet photographs exist of  sites nearby that look suspiciously like bunker silos. The photographs when  we decide to show them will speak for themselves.

All positioned carefully within the Maralinga domain.

The fact that the USA has moved the research that was being  done at area 51 & S4 to this newer site is obvious from remote views of  the area in question and also video footage that others have obtained of the  area.

Strange lights are said to occur more frequently than before.  People also report that they have seen strange craft in the area.

All since this new area has occurred!!


Over the last 6 - 8 months through the region of the border  from Western Australia to the border of NSW and South Australia there have  been dozens of unusual aircraft accidents and a triangulation shows that they  all occurred around the new bases location. Plus numerous unusual sightings  of UFO's have occurred as well.

Soon expeditions will venture secretly into the area to investigate  what is going on!

More coming soon!

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