Anti Gravity


Over the last few years we have been experimenting with vortex formulas  using thought energy to create artificial gravity grids that can vary climate  to vary the magnetic field in a specified area to influencing the intelligent  elements of synthetic life energy . This involves using techniques more profound  than remote viewing but can produce effects to control other elements.

The vortex energy system is programmable when you understand the intricacies  of thought commands. These in themselves require strict disciplinary skills  developed of years of practice.

If you wanted to control equipment that was designed to act on thought  command you would firstly need to know the frequencies necessary to gain access  to the symbiotic relationship that would be required for such an advanced  system to function properly. This would take strict training of the above  mentioned process for you to gain control.

Remote viewing personnel would not be satisfactory as their skills are  not advanced enough in the thought control areas necessary.

For the artificial grid system to work it would require an advanced understanding  of programmable vortex theorems not yet developed in this present day culture.  However! As many have already stated to us we seem to be 500 years or more  ahead of present day science so here is a simplified example of how an artificial  gravity field is generated.

If we take say a 12 foot oblong area and specifically place 3 vortexes  equidistantly spaced across the length of the oblong and program each vortex  to eminate a harmonic pulse at specific intervals the field would be created  in a matter of seconds. This we have alreaqdy done and the nice thing about  it is that you can pick up the structure as well as the formation design (squares)  covering our oblong entirely. It is also possible to specify the shape and  size of the field.

The same process can be used to control weather using simpler vortex principles  in crop circle patterns as an example! Remember we did say any shape!

Over the 2001 season in Uk an experiment in the vale of pewsey was  performed and the effects in relation to crop circle pattern styles and  formations was evident. Please note this had no detrimental effect on humans in actuality  a benefit is more than likely health wise. We had it in place by the  start of the season aand it took some working out to do one this size!!

During the year 2004 we will be creating energy grids over a number of areas. One such area will be the Pewsey Vale! UK again! Now completed.

There will be others but we will not be advertising the areas due to their sensitive nature but we will release the results when known.

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