Numeral Harmonics

Numeral harmonics takes numerology further than ever before. Here we explore the combination of energy and matter in numerical and letter form which are both interconnected. All words no matter how they are formed or what language they are spoken in have the ability to compel matter into form so that environmentally things become compatible. Balance is achieved by harmony both of self as well as environmental in a way that has not been understood before.

Here we see that numbers have energy by the letter pronunciation through the letter associated with the number. IE: 12 is twelve. So a number like 1,489 is one thousand four hundred and eighty nine. The letters create an energy that can either repel or attract depending on the combinations used. In this example we find that 1,489 has a different energy from say 3,761.

Each combination also has to be compatible with the property in question like house number 7. If you are selling a house with this number then a selling price must have the following combinations evident built within the selling price.

The total house price should add up to the house number rather than something else that way the energy is compatible. Such as 456,875 is not right as all the numbers add up to 8 (ie:4+5+6+8+7+5=8) whereas 456,874 = 7 so if written out the difference becomes evident in the way it feels. Four hundred and fifty six thousand eight hundred and seventy five compared with Four hundred and fifty six thousand eight hundred and seventy four.

Energy is compelled into form in different ways in both cases. But it does not end there. You should also incorporate the owners into the equation by firstly taking the birth dates. like 16 June 1963 this is 16+6+1+9+6+3 =41 which is 5 so if after both partners are calculated and say you get a 5 for one and a 7 for the other then both of these combination should also be incorporated into the design as they at present own the property so once all these elements are added the property will then attract compatible buyers.

I always find it amazing how people will sit around for months on end hoping to attract a buyer but do nothing energy wise to attract the right type of buyers.

In our example above we therefore need to have a 5 and a 7 and another 7 for the house in order to make things energy compatible.

So how is this done?

Well in most cases all of this is taken for granted and a lot of luck but what if you had the ability to make it happen as you wished by the use of a technique and a little know how. Also those that overprice items the sequence will not work.

Well now you can!    more coming soon! Watch for part two!


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