House energy

House energy in Kalei can cover many areas and involves any structure be it residential or commercial.

All structures have an energy which is dictated by the geometric shape of its outside casement.. That means the outside design shape. Then the internal dynamics of different rooms also has a bearing on the resulting energy as well as the alignment of the different rooms and overall structure.

If you are trying to sell a property be it residential or commercial a number of varying factors have to be taken into consideration just as buying a property can be just as important. many of these principles are taken for granted and yet imagine what could be achieved if you could use these processes we take for granted to buy the right house or sell a property for profit etc...

More on this area can be found in the selling a house section which covers these amazing methods..

Structural energy has its own identity relative to all the influences of who was there before, who has built the structure and any human influence on the shape and designing of it. All of this can bring about a very confusing structure energy wise.. Some areas feel good while others feel lousy. All because of the energy within.

I am sure that many of you have heard of Feng Shui. Well the Kalei principle goes way beyond that and even further into areas as yet still even in research which is unlocking doors never before thought possible..

More coming soon...


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