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Mobipocket.com http://www.mobipocket.com Mobipocket.com is a leading ebookstore with thousands of ebooks for all PDAs 

Fictionwise, Inc.http://www.fictionwise.com 

CyberRead, Inc  http://www.cyberread.com CyberRead has thousands of print and e-Books(eBooks)in various formats for your PDA, Palm, Pocket PC! Award winning eBooks authors!  

 Numilog.fr  http://www.numilog.com 

Franklin Electronic Publishers  http://www.franklin.com

eBook.nl http://www.eBook.nl  eBook.nl is the leading eBookstore in the Netherlands. We offer free Dutch classic eBooks, local marketing, local support and local online payment methods. Live since 2000.  

beam-eBooks.de  http://www.beam-ebooks.de Der große E-Book Shop für kleine Computer.Das gr ßte Angebot von E-Books für den Mobipocketreader in Deutschland.  

Bookeen http://www.ubibooks.com 

thebookgap.com http://www.thebookgap.com Our business is to compile, produce, publish and commercialize digital reference material for law and other professionals as well as other type of eBooks. 

eBookMall.com http://www.ebookmall.com/ eBookMall is a leading retailer and publisher of eBooks.  

ElectricStory.com, Inc. http://www.electricstory.com Publisher and retailer of electronic books, specializing in award-winning science fiction and fantasy titles. We were an early publisher partner of Mobipocket's and are launching our e-commerce site within the month.  

EONS productions http://www.eons.fr Publication et vente en ligne de livres num©riques et classiques. 

Seattle Book Company http://www.seattlebook.com Since 1996 Seattle Book Company has been a publisher and retailer of fine print and electronic books. We have published more than 7,000 editions and produced more than 50,000 book conversions into multiple formats. We provide book publishing services through the automation of production and electronic distribution based upon industry standards that reduce costs and speeds time-to-market.  

e-books.com.pl http://www.e-books.com.pl E-books in Polish language, publishing and conversion. 

Tradebit.com http://www.tradebit.com/ebooks.php Tradebit.com is a US-based filehosting and distribution site tailored for anybody who wants to distribute files for free or via PayPal payments. Tradebit AG is a german Internet company, registered as a corporation with german authorities. 

Libri.de http://www.libri.de German ebookstore 

Diesel eBooks & eBook Eros http://www.diesel-ebooks.com Over 50,000 popular and professional ebooks organized by 50 categories and 2,100 subcategories. Available in Palm, MS Reader and Adobe. Sister site for erotic and romantic fiction can be found at http://www.ebook-eros.com 

Kreutzfeldt Electronic Publishing http://www.med4mobile.de Our shop  is specialized in medical  ebooks for doctors and students. We offer English and German titles.  The shop itself is bilingual as well. ebookportal.de is our  shop specialized in all kind of reference works.KEP offers conversion of  book data into complex mobile software with added value. We have our own modular  eBook production system, which allows the integration of intelligent features  and excellent price performance ratio. KEP is a company of Franklin Electronic  Publishers, Inc. Burlington N.J., USA.

Amazon.com http://www.amazon.com 

Laurie J Books http://www.lauriejbooks.com we sell New and gently used books and audio books. We are in the process of converting our website to also offer audio book and ebook downloads. 

MobileMosaic eBookStore http://www.mobilemosaic.co.za MobileMosaic is the leading electronic store for a Mobipocket-based eBooks in Southern Africa.   

eBooksAboutEverything http://www.eBooksAboutEverything.com eBooks About Everything for Everybody, Everywhere -- Everytime. 

ebooks.com http://www.ebooks.com/ The world's leading online source of ebooks, with 69,000 popular, professional and academic ebooks from the world's leading publishers. 

Leer-e http://tienda.leer-e.es/ Retailer and Publisher of eBooks specialized in the Spanish language. ------- Vendemos, publicamos y distribuimos títulos en Castellano 

Books On Board http://www.booksonboard.com/ On-line retailer 

eBook Crescent http://www.ebookcrescent.com eBookcrescent is focusing on the international and Asian markets. These regions show a strong and growing interest in eBooks, which is further supported by a high percentage growth of PDAs and high tech device users in such markets.  

BookCode, Corp. http://www.BookCode.net The Code Makers for Books, BookCode, Corp. is a premier digital publishing house. 

Elittera AS Scandinavian eBook retailer. Webshop URL will be http://www.digitalbok.no 

eReader Outfitters http://www.eReaderOutfitters.com eReader Outfitters sells eReaders, accessories and content. We supply consumers with their eReading needs. 

Libresco http://www.iliadreader.co.uk 

America First Books http://www.americafirstbooks.com America First Books appeals to a niche market interested in various forms of libertarianism, nationalism, investigative journalism, iconoclastic free-thinking, action-adventure fantasy, financial independence, healthy living, survivalism, and other themes typically associated with a patriotic or conservative mindset. Our selection focuses on analyses related to economics, politics, anthropology, religion, and other serious topics. Although we wish to present a variety of viewpoints that explain trade-offs, we also provide special coverage of various forms of nationalism. 

eBook Shop CC http://www.ebookshop.co.za 

Les Echos http://www.lesechos.fr/ Site d'informations ©conomiques et financières 

Unlock A Book Publishers, LLC http://www.unlockabook.com This will be a new business for the sale of ebooks based solely on the Mobipocket book format. I am an author and have a publishers agreement with Mobipocket under the same business name. I will be uploading my first complete work to the eBookBase system shortly. More will follow steadily over time. The unlockabook.com site will serve as the primary outlet for the sell of my personal works, but the site will also offer all works in the EBookBase that have a Christian, spiritual, family and self-help orientation. Unlock A Book Publishers will also work to expand the publishing of the works of other authors over time with its primary focus being in Mobipocket format. I want to assure you I will develop the unlockabook.com site to the highest standards of function, security and user satisfaction.  

selexyz http://www.selexyz.nl BGN is a Dutch chain of bookshops situated throughout the country with a yearly turnover of  170 million. The shops run by the companies selexyz domincanen, selexyz adr. heinen, selexyz broese, selexyz dekker v.d. vegt, selexyz donner, selexyz gianotten, selexyz kooyker, selexyz van piere, selexyz scholtens and selexyz verwijs together, have about 11 million visitors a year. The website has over 3 million visitors a year.  

M21 Editions Retail http://www.m21editions.com account created for m21 activation packs 

eBook Fascination http://www.ebookfascination.com eBook Fascination offers ebooks from various fields e.g. computer science, literature. Though most of the ebooks are in German the English section is growing continously, also. The website is available in German and English. We are interested in German & English ebooks. Other languages are considered, also. 

NovaLibris http://www.novalibris.com NOVALIBRIS.COM your global ebook store 

ThoBooks http://www.books.tho-server.de We plan to develop a retail website for dedicated eBook reader owners with an easy integration into the customer's device.

Apetonic http://www.apetonic.com 

Infomedia UK Ltd http://www.adultebookshop.com Adult eBook Shop sells only the best erotic ebooks by the best authors. We have hundreds of titles by over one hundred Authors from eight Publishers and are constantly adding more.  

A&R Medien http://www.ebook-deutsch.com 

Importantia Books & Media http://www.boekhandel.org boekhandel.org is a webshop specialised in books and ebooks. Mainly titles on christianity, bibles, theology, devotionals, fiction, non-fiction. 

chapitre.com http://www.chapitre.com Librairie en ligne. Vente de produits culturels(livres neufs, occasions, anciens, CD, DVD, cadeaux...) 

ASTAK INC http://www.mobiebook.com We are the company which will carry ebook devices and sell ebooks on line. We will create a retail site sell mobipocket format book and mobipocket device.  

The-Plot-Thickens http://www.the-plot-thickens.com This will be an online bookstore selling ebook novels. It will include unique search mechanisms that will help the reader find the exact novel that suits their tastes. It will allow its users to discuss books in forums and will allow them to review the books that they have read. The website will go live before the end of the year. 

Higashimura Japan http://www.east-village.biz/ We are a ebook retailer in JAPAN 

Prelum Uitgevers http://www.prelum.nl Prelum Uitgevers is a publishing house, specialised in developing print and multimedia products in all medical and dental professions in the Dutch market. 

HixBooks http://www.hixbooks.at


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