Environment & Human Mysteries, also Alternate Science.



- Amargiland (USA) - Heaps of info & pics - Egypt, Sphinx, anomolies, Hall of Records
- Ancient World Web (USA) - A HUGE list of sites of all things ancient

Aquarius-es-com technology which we are developing that provides W & P generation, climitization, methane and other valuable by-products
- Archaeological Resource Guide to Europe (UK) - A huge amount of obscure information
- Art Bell's Home Page (USA) - Interviews from Radio Show, mysteries, videos, images
- AUM-Sparky's Astounding Ancients (USA) - New age history and archaeology
- AUM-Sparky's Weird Science & New Energy (USA) - includes Cayce's no-fuel motor.
- Bill Bailey's Home Page (USA) - Lots of links to good UFO & metaphysical sites
- Blast From The Past (USA) - Asteroid evidence for the Dinosaur extinction.
- Center of Study & Research on Bio-Energy (Italy) - Vibration raising articles & info.
- Creative Alternatives (USA) - Alternative power, healing, agriculture & thinking.
- Direct International Science Consortium (UK) - Prof. John Searle's alternative clean energy
- Earth Mysteries (USA) - Leylines, megalithic sites, stonehenge, druids, dragons etc.
- Earth Transitions (USA) - The Pollution Clearing Coils web site.
- Earthquake Information (USA) - Index of downloadable articles & earthquake images.
- Earthquake Strong Motion Database (USA) - See what's shakin'
- Egypt Internet Resources (USA) - Art, Archaeology, Architecture, Science
- El Nino Theme Page (USA) - Accessing distributed information.
- Forbidden Archaeology (USA) - Excerpt from the book - well worth reading
- Independent Research Centre for Unexplained Phenomena (USA) - Paranormal, coverups etc.
- Institute of Metahistory (Russia) - Information on Atlantis
- Life's Natural Solutions (Aust) - Personal & cultural change in human relations,
- M-Comp (USA) - The Mathematics of the Ancient Mysteries
- Mid Atlantic Geomancy (USA) - Geomancers, spiritual ecology, earth energies.
- Mythscape (USA) - Ancient Planetary Catastrophe in Myth and History
- Of Quasars & Quanta (USA) - Modern science and ancient mysticism.
- Our Planet (USA) - Gaia, Sub-Atomic Particles, Evolution, Meditation etc.
- Our Time, Our Place (UK) - Earth Changes & Conspiracy information
- Piri Reis Map - here's a photo of the original.
- Project Mind Foundation (USA) - Thinktank to generate holistic scientific breakthroughs.
- Rajon Institute (UK) - Ancient technology, geometry, crop circles, Egyptian pyramids.
- Sacred Geomancy Homepage (USA) - From circles to fractals & recursive geometrics
- Secrets of Easter Island (USA) - Explore the mysteries.
- Spiritech (UK) - In-depth exploration of the interface between spirituality & technology.
- State of The Climate (USA) - Understanding our changing climate.
- Stephen Hawking's Universe (USA) - Black holes, dark matter, time etc.
- Stonehenge & Astroarchaeology (USA) - Amateur astronomy & Earth Sciences magazine
- Sumeria Free Energy Page (USA) - What the controlled media won't tell you.
- 21st Century Links (USA) - What would life be like in the 21st century? Find out here.
- Team Atlantis (USA) - Exploring underwater ruins online.
- Terry Romine Home Page (USA) - Sacred geometry, lightwork, earth changes, healing.
- The Flower of Life (USA) - Sacred geometry, ET's, Earth history, ascension, meditation
- The Hollow Earth (USA) - Messages from Telos, beneath the earth at Mt Shasta
- The Institute for New Energy (USA) - Information, resources, good links
- The Message of the Engraved Stones of Ica - What role did Aliens have in Earth's History?
- The Pole Shift (USA) - Information, maps, links.
- The Third Adaptation Tehuti Thoth (USA) - History of man & earth.
- The Viking Home Page (Sweden) - History, culture, language, photos
- Thebian Mapping Project (USA) - Join a virtual expedition to Ancient Egypt.
- Tom Bearden (USA) - Free energy, electrical & electromagnetic devices etc. (Also See Site 2)
- Transhumanist Resources (Sweden) - Life extension, cryonics, artificial intelligence etc.
- Treasures of the Sunken City (USA) - Uncovering the fabled Pharos Lighthouse - one of the ancient wonders.

-When Nature Calls Personally Transportable Disposable Lavatory Products.
Disposable Lavatory Products.

- When The Sky Fell (USA) - Atlantis and the Earth's shifting crust.
- Wierd Science (USA) - Free energy, anti-gravity, cold fusion etc.

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