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We can accept new manuscripts for publication and also we are in the process of publishing paperbacks as well as ebooks.

If you have a manuscript that you would like us to have a look at and publish in ebook formats along with listing them in our own catalogue as well as other ebook listings then just E-mail it to us here.

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Nothing could be simpler.

Buying ebooks directly from us means you can have them in any of the following formats.

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Costing for publishing will be discussed at submission but we are very competitive price wise.

To see some of our ebooks published to date just look in our catalogue. We are just starting so the list will grow as time goes by and DR Sherwood is one of the oldest web masters on the internet having worked it since 1990 and even earlier in the armed forces so he knows his way around and we have learnt from his expertise.

We will create a designer cover for your book along with a variety of ebook types all included in the one price. Price will obviously vary according to the type and complexity of the manuscript you have.

When you send your book please make sure it is in Word or other similar type of document.

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