Rajon Internet investigations


Started in late 2004. Internet investigations is a part of the Rajon website system which tracks down internet fraud and then compiles reports to outside authorities such as FBI, MI5, Surete’ and others.

As we have extensive knowledge of the internet and how it works we roam the internet pathways observing and exploring different websites and have special search engine systems that hunt out suspect websites.

We also observe ICQ pathways as well as regular spam emails for suspect fraud identities and also using phishing filters to identify false or fake websites that have been duplicated.

If you have a fraud or you think you may have found one please either report it to your local authority or send us an email with all relevant details and we will pass it on to the appropriate authorities once it has been investigated.

Even today with all the warnings out there people are still caught up in scams and Billions of dollars are lost to scammers every year.

And remember that money may be funding terrorism, drugs and other illegal operations but mainly terrorism after all they must be getting their funds from somewhere!!!

We have a free check service to help you identify whether what you are seeing or about to be involved in is a fraud or not. Just drop us an email.

email us from here!


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