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The healing clinic for appointments in the United Kingdom can be found here.! location in Great Cheverell nr Devizes Wiltshire.

ph: 01380-818067.

30 minute appointment for standard therapy 25

60 minute appointment for main healing therapy 30

Absent healing is also available by donation. details here!


Message from Dr Sherwood


Sceptics of alternative healing need to recognise that there are things out there in our universe that are beyond normal comprehension. Just because we practice techniques beyond the norm does not make them adverse just largely misunderstood by modern day normal science and medicine.

Recently we experienced a personal sickness regarding our 6 month old son the story of his fight for life and what we did to help him is worthwhile reading. Both professional doctors were baffled by his recovery and even the way he appeared during his serious illness. So serious he spent 7 days in intensive care and another 2 weeks at Bristols Royal childrens hospital. This illness he experienced was no small illness for Pneumococcal Meningitis is not to be taken lightly.

So to all sceptics of alternative therapies like the Kalei therapy I say ...Get to know it before you sling off at it!!


The Kalei Therapy is a hands on telepathic healing technique, no other instruments are required, other than occasionally in the advanced areas of its applications where a fine quartz crystal may be used to focus energy more precisely. The Kalei Therapy has various levels of application associated with it. For example, there are the basic Kali Healing Therapies, Intermediate techniques, and advanced techniques.

The Basic Kalei Healing techniques can be learnt in 16 hours by anyone who is willing, they do not have to have had any previous experience in natural healing therapies to learn these techniques. The training involves learning about the two energies that exist within each of us, and how the body and brain is divided into quadrants that utilize these energies. The training teaches you how to access the higher brain functions of yourself in order to access your own healing energy. Through this development period you learn how to move from level to level within yourself accessing areas of the brain that would usually be dormant in today's culture. This educational process gives you the ability to then access your clients energy system in order to repair it.

The first process that you learn in order to apply a basic Kalei Healing technique is to tune into your client, as each of us operates off our own unique frequency. One of the main principles involved here is that in order to assist with your clients healing process you first need to be able to access the frequency their brain uses, as that is the frequency that is capable of healing that individual, research has proven that when this technique is not applied that results are not as great and are not lasting.

The next step is to activate your own healing process through a specific application which is taught, known as the hand exercise. This process alone was given to a class room of school children in New Zealand to practice once daily for a series of weeks, which proved to improve their learning abilities by over 60% - 80%.

The next step is to apply one of the numerous basic healing techniques, such as an energy enhancement, which gives the brain a boost of energy, a top up which it will then distribute to the area or areas that need it. Another basic technique is point repair, this is also used in the more advanced techniques. The human head is a huge network of pathways and points that constantly sends and receives information from the body. If there are areas that are not functioning correctly in the body there will be points out on the head, as the brain is the controlling factor. The point repair process involves scanning for points out on the head with a specific finger that is sensitive to these energy emissions. Once a point has been located you then apply another finger to input energy into the point in order to repair it. It is that simple once you have had the training. This process can be used to heal a whole range of ailments. A Similar process can also be used to improve eyesight and hearing. The enhancement technique has been excellent for headaches, stress release, easing depression, and improving general performance through an increase in energy. The basic point repair process has aided in a whole range of areas from memory release to improving the brains performance. 

One of the interesting aspects that one should be aware of here is that most ailments in the body are caused from unresolved memory events stored in the body causing stress and cell degeneration. An interesting argument in portraying this is that when one encounters an event that is similar to one previously experienced, one gets the physical sensation first, and then the mental recollection. The memory is stored in the body, the body gives you the sensation associated with the event, and then the brain interprets the memory, and at that point comes the recollection of the experience you are being reminded of.  These basic point repair techniques are capable of assisting the client to release stress related memory patterns thus eliminating the ailments they create.

Many who have completed the basic training have said they have never felt energy to this extent before they had learnt this process. Those who had previously been applying other healing modalities such as Reiki said their clients have noticed a dramatic improvement since receiving the Kalei Healing techniques.

When a bricklayer in England completed the basic training a friend of his son's came to see him with a freshly broken ankle, the boy was told he would be in the cast for six weeks, after one basic Kalei healing therapy session the boy was out of the cast in 7 days instead of 6 weeks!

Another example is that the speech center can be reoriented so that it is improved. Many have found they could not speak for a few hours as the memory is optimized in the body as memory patterns are moved about in order for access to be improved. Please remember that this is a very simplified explanation of what really takes place in this instance. The outcome is obvious as the individuals speech is improved in many cases dramatically.


In the advanced applications of the Kalei Therapy the technique involves a direct link between the therapist and patient. The link is telepathic but in the early stages it is only necessary to apply visualization techniques as you are applying your fingers to certain point sequences across the skull. The brains ability to create subconscious telepathic links is automatic and the technique is safe in that you cannot pick up any anomalies from the patient.

The response from this application alone has dramatic effects to the point of healing allergies in a whole range of cases. The technique is an ongoing one which can take any number of applications. This number will dramatically vary from one person to the next but a full recovery is obtained and results begin to occur very quickly. Usually within a matter of weeks. In a number of cases it has had effects after only one application. The list of applications and remedies is endless and keeps on growing as new techniques are developed which can be added to the main application sequence if required.

The full application of the main Kalei Therapy requires the therapists to be trained in multiple techniques that require quick thinking and mental discipline to the point of being able to follow a set pattern of positions across the skull and also maintain a set time to apply it in. The effects are dramatic such as complete recovery from brain damage if treated at an early age usually around 6 months of age is perfect! A case history is on file of one of the most brain damaged cases available and the results of the application. This report is written by the mother and she explains what she observed. Then there are cases whereby stroke victims have regained mobility back in otherwise paralyzed limbs. Then there are those who were color blind and after one application saw every color in the room. Many of the cases mentioned are on record either as written testimonials or recorded on audio tape during interviews.

The technique requires the patient to be sitting simply in an upright chair. But they can also be lying down. The application requires only work around the head and back of the neck. That is it! Any other applications on the rest of the body due to memory blocks etc. are other more delicate applications again using an advanced points system known only to the trainee!

Full point body charts have been developed so that the trainee can apply the variety of applications using these points.

After 25 years of applying this advanced technique Dr. Sherwood has trained around 20 people on the basics worldwide to date and that number is only due to his heavy schedule in the past. The list of trained personnel is available in the navigation bar to the left!

In another experiment held in New York back in 1992 a patient was brought to Dr. Sherwood for analysis by a Chinese acupuncturist. He said she had so many acupuncture points that were out of place that he would have a hard time finding a place to start and that could we do something to help.

We applied the main Kalei Therapy to her which took only around 1 minute. She was then tested again by the Chinese acupuncturist and he could not find any points out of place. Obviously he wanted to know what we had done but we kept it secret back then due to the research.

We have also found that the effect of emotional stress upon the brain is greatly reduced once the application is applied and if the patient maintains the hand exercises we supply and ask them to do afterwards they remain incredibly healthy and balanced. We have had those who forgot to do the exercises and it did not have any significant negative effect with regards to there condition as it just took longer for them to reach the same end result compared to those who did the exercises.

When you consider the fact that anyone can learn this technique and have an immediate impact on whoever they apply it to then it becomes obvious that it needs to be widely taught!

These techniques are now available via correspondence courses! See courses in the navigation bar to the left!


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