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$15usd per year. (Worldwide  Standard rate)



Own E-mail box at rajon.com

And here is great news now when you become a member you also become an affiliate of rajon thus your membership can earn you money not only when you buy for yourself and others put also if you promote the site and get others to buy from your own catalogue that we will also give you of what we sell.

You can earn 10% commission from what you sell from the catalogue we create for you.

But that's not all you also get the following:

Access to the new Egypt research section.

Discount travel tours to Egypt special members rates!

Plus all listed below!

Membership offers a wide variety  of 5% discounts on merchandise from our catalogue as well as discounts  on tours.

Plus regular specials! (As an example  if you are a financial member then you would receive a discount  on any tour of $100usd per booking as long as you book the tour through  us and not a subsidiary agent. This discount on tours does not apply  if you are an agent for us as you get commission as mentioned below!.

Discounts of an additional $175 also applies to any optional tour  package you may book.) That means one tour and you have gained $275  in savings by being a member. And that's per booking.

Plus you will receive 4 newsletters per year.

You can now purchase gift vouchers at a discount  and even save more. This is for full Rajon members only.

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